Does Heating Protein Powder Destroy It?

Does Heating Protein Powder Destroy It?

It's a common myth that heating protein powder will destroy the protein - and we're here to bust it!

For years people have avoided cooking with protein powder. If you are wondering "Does heating protein powder destroy it?" you're not alone.

The short answer is no, heating protein powder will not destroy the proteins. However, just like when you cook other proteins such as in chicken, eggs or tofu, the structure if the protein changes. This is called denaturing.

The good news? Denatured protein is still effective and the same amount of protein is absorbed by the body (which means your #gains are at no risk!).

Whether you cook Proats2Go in the microwave, on the stovetop or simply by adding boiling water, the protein will not be damaged. So go on, enjoy our Protein Oats and relish in the fact that they are SO delicious, easy to make and have over 20g of protein per 70g serve.


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